Character Quotes from A Bride for Brodie ~ A Love in the City Romance by Dellani Oakes

I sat down next to Stan and waved to our waitress, Suzie.

“Hey, baby,” she leaned over giving me a good view of her tits. “What will you have tonight?”

“Besides you?” I carefully kept my hands to myself. She’s Stan’s sister and holds a black belt in karate.

“You tease,” she smiled sweetly, wiggling just enough to make her boobs dance under her shirt.

“You’re killing me, Suzie! I need a Grey Goose tonight, babe. Make it dirty.”

“Are you all right, Brodie?”

I should maybe explain that practically no one calls me by my given name except my mother, grandmother and a few maiden aunts.

“No, Suzie,” I put my arms around her waist, burying my face in the pocket of her apron. “I’m devastated by your beauty and your constant refusal to go out with me.”

“You sure you haven’t been drinking already?”

“Not a drop. Kiss me, I promise I don’t taste like booze.”

“Shut up.” She felt my forehead carefully taking my pulse. “You seem to be all right. Okay, one dirty Grey Goose martini coming up. Guys, need refills?”

© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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