Character Quotes from Playmates ~ Love Under the Sun Paranormal Romance by Dellani Oakes

Click. Bang!

The front door slammed. She heard sounds of movement below. Wondering who could have come in uninvited, she cast about for a weapon. The best she could find was a poker from the old fireplace set. Armed with that, she crept out the door, down the steps and across the foyer.

Having watched way too many horror movies, she said nothing, moving silently through the house, following the light footsteps ahead of her. Whoever it was seemed very familiar with the house, moving with a purpose around the ground floor. If they continued the direction they were going, soon they would circle around and end up in the foyer once more. Rada stood her ground, poker raised in a batting position.

“What are you doing?” The man’s voice came from behind her. “Miss Rada?”

“Max?” Laughing, she turned to greet the caretaker’s son. Well, he was the caretaker now since his father’s death. “You scared the crap outta me! I thought I had a house breaker.”

“Sorry. I was having a look see. I didn’t know you were here. Where’s your car?”

“Sam took it to the garage. It needed an oil change, after my drive.”

He nodded. “I’m real sorry about your grandmama. She was a fine old lady.”

“She was mean as a snake, and twice as stubborn as a government mule,” she replied, trying to push the sorrow and pain aside with bravado. Sniffling, she wiped her eyes with her fingers.

Granny Sample was the only family she’d left. Her parents and grandparents were gone, all taken from her in less than five years. Only her great-grandmother had been left after all that time. Now she was gone, too.

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