Fedelta Parte 3

Fedeltà Parte 3

By Rachel Rueben

As Cassandra made her way to her seat in first class, she was stopped by a man towering in the aisle.  Flashing his badge he announced, “U.S. Sky Marshal,” while grabbing her free arm, “Ma’am, I’m afraid you’ll have to come with me” he said rather coldly. And just liked that, it was over.  She hadn’t even gotten out of New York.  Frozen, Cassie stood there in the aisle stunned they had found her so quickly.  Quietly, she made an about-face, not wanting to make a scene.  She would face her death with dignity, she owed her family that.

When they got to the terminal, she was taken to an empty V.I.P. lounge and cuffed to a chair.  It was clear, she was going to have to face the consequence of killing Armand.  Even in death he was throwing his weight around.  The memory of Armand was so powerful in her mind  that she could still smell his Cohiba cigars in the air.  Trembling in her chair, Cassie was finding it hard to breath. Not sure if it was a panic attack, or a heart attack, she began sweating profusely. With clammy hands Cassie prayed for a quick and painless death.  Surely, they would give her that priviledge considering she came from a long line of mobsters.

Her dad was strangled, with an electrical cord and her fiancé was shot to death.  That was about as merciful the Cosimos got.  However, this wasn’t business, her death would be a revenge killing.  This meant no boundaries and no expense would be spared to satisfy the Cosimos.  Whatever the case, she was at the mercy of Armand’s avenger, who would most likely be his new successor.

As with most crisis’ Cassie’s brain took her back to her childhood and to the dinner table where her brother Dominick would tell stories of Sam De Stephano, a psychotic loan shark from Chicago.  Mad Sam was the most feared man in the entire city of Chicago.  He tortured and killed so many people, that he scared even the most hardened of mob bosses.  Eventually, Mad Sam met his end at the hands of his own crew.  That was because no solider, no lieutenant, or no boss was above the mob.

How did this happen?  She kept asking herself.  All she had to do was shut up and follow the rules like her father taught her.  With his voice echoing in her fragmented mind she could hear him say, “You’s eva see sumthin you ain’t supposa, don’t say nothin’, especially, to no cop or rubacchiare (snitch)”.  However, she had done much worse than snitch, she had turned her back on family ties.

As she waited for her gloomy date with death, Cassie smelled those foul cigars again and this time, more strongly than before.  Was she losing her mind?  Is this what happens when you’re scared shitless, she wondered.  Then she heard footsteps approaching and the sound of muffled voices.  Listening hard, she tried to identify the speakers but couldn’t recognize them.  They were standing too far away from the door.  Finally, she saw a shadowy figure in the doorway.  Dressed in a dark suit, she struggled to make out his face, not like knowing your killer was important or anything.  However, as he approached the table, she got a clear look at his faced and was floored to see it was John Amato, her very dead fiancé.


Author Bio:

Rachel Rueben is author of the bestselling YA novel “Hag” and “The Eternal Bond Series” both available on Wattpad. To keep up with Rachel, you can sign up for her frighteningly entertaining newsletter here.


Image form Pixabay




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